Since January 2014 Andrew has been studying for a PhD at the School of Engineering at Newcastle University, funded by EPSRC and Siemens.


Andrew's Thesis title is "Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles as a means of Mitigating Uncertainty in Urban Microgrids".

The impacts, both technical and economic, of uncontrolled Electric Vehicle (EV) charging are investigated and a methodology to forecast uncontrolled charging load is developed.


A methodology is proposed to aggregate a number of smart charging EVs to form a Virtual Energy Storage System (VESS) able to deliver services to the distribution network with a high degree of controllability (~99%) while guaranteeing the energy required by the EVs for their primary purpose of transportation.

The VESS is combined with other forms of flexibility to deliver an Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) service where a fuzzy logic control methodology is proposed to maximise power availability.

A Robust Optimisation (RO) formulation is developed that balances the trade-off between the cost of protecting network operational limits from load and generation uncertainty, against the costs of failing to protect network operational limits. RO requires a linear representation of the power system, and the errors introduced through linearization via sensitivity factors have been quantified both under load and generation certainty and uncertainty.



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