Kinewell Energy is launched

A new and innovative electrical engineering consultancy, Kinewell Energy, has been launched. It follows two years of research and development resulting in software that is estimated to save the UK offshore wind industry in the region of £100m – £1bn.

Managing Director, Andrew Jenkins said “We are delighted to bring to the market our revolutionary software called KLOC. It designs the geographic electrical connections that link offshore wind turbines with a substation, collecting the power before sending it to shore. We consider the cost of the cable, its installation cost due to sea bed conditions and electrical losses which results in the unnecessary heating of seawater. Put simply, we’re just incredibly good at playing dot to dot!”

The KLOC software is based on an evolutionary algorithm. A single iteration of the algorithm considers a small subset of the network and re-designs it. With many iterations, the best areas of the network are kept while re-designing the sub-optimal areas. The KLOC software is extremely fast at doing this, allowing good designs to be found within seconds.

Kinewell Energy are constantly innovating to provide the best service possible in the shortest of time constraints, providing significant added value to our customers. The company takes a dynamic, flexible and innovative approach to business. In addition to fixed fee quotations, Kinewell Energy are able to undertake inter-array layout optimisation work for a fee based on the value provided. If Kinewell Energy finds no improvement compared with an existing design, the work would be undertaken free of charge while providing a design validation service.

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