Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES) is 20

On 10 December 2015, Andrew attended the 20 years celebration of the Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES) as an alumni that has gone on to launch a successful technology based start-up. Andrew along with other alumni entrepreneurs featured in a booklet celebrating their successes, and networked with the amazingly talented participants of the 2015 competition final.

Andrew took part in the YES competition in 2014, where he pitched for Venture Capital funding for a fictitious tech based start-up with colleagues from Newcastle University.

During the past 20 years, over 5000 post graduate researchers have taken part giving them a practical insight into how to commercialise research. It has been estimated that YES has contributed to an economic impact through salaries alone of over £1.8 billion. Kinewell Energy hopes to build on this figure with our technology estimated to reduce the cost of offshore wind by around £3m to £30m for every GW of installed capacity. The UK plans to build 33 GW of offshore wind power giving our technology a value in the region of £100m - £1bn.

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