Best presentation at ARC 2017

Andrew has been awarded Best Presentation at the Newcastle University School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering's annual research conference 2017.

Get in touch if you want to talk about Andrew's research - the paper he presented is entitled 'Improving the Scheduling of Services that Energy Storage Systems could provide in Urban Microgrids'.

Abstract - Energy Storage Systems (ESSs) and microgrids can enable the connection of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Solar generation to urban electrical networks, by ensuring power flows and voltages stay within equipment ratings, without network reinforcement. The load from EVs and generation from Solar is often uncertain and as such the scheduling of ESS to keep the network operating state within equipment ratings must take this into account, while also minimizing the storage power and energy exchange to do this in a cost effective manner. This paper uses a Robust Optimisation (RO) formulation, utilizing a linearization of the full AC power flow calculation, to schedule ESS under load and generation uncertainty. A contribution is made through considering the optimisation horizon to be considered during the optimisation. By minimising the horizon, the time step between each rolling re-scheduling of the ESS can be minimized thus leading to more frequent updated forecasts and reduced uncertainty. This in turn is expected to lead to reduced ESS degradation and losses from round trip efficiencies.

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