Andrew presents at CIRED 2017

Today, Andrew presented his research titled "Creating virtual energy storage systems from aggregated smart charging electric vehicles" at the CIRED conference in Glasgow.

Abstract - Electric vehicles (EVs) have been proposed previously to be a form of flexible electrical load (including potentially vehicle to grid generation) that could be controlled to help support distribution networks. Considering each vehicle individually poses many challenges including significant smart grid control system computational effort and uncertainty. This study proposes an aggregation and control methodology for the grid to consider a number of EVs in a similar way to more established energy storage systems (ESS) allowing existing ESS control algorithms to be utilised. Central to the methodology is the knowledge that flexibility will only be realised if drivers are willing to use utility controlled charging posts and as such the drivers' requirements are prioritised; a minimum amount of energy is guaranteed to be within each vehicle at the time of departure.

Both a poster and oral presentation was made. The oral presentation can be viewed online on IET TV.

#Energystorage #Publications #ElectricVehicles #PhD

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